Qylatron – Automatic Checkpoint Solution

The Qylatron™ is the first fully integrated and self-service checkpoint solution designed specifically for public venues such as stadiums, amusement parks,
airports, etc. The system uses sensor-based fusion technology to power a fast, safe and most reliable screening solutions, where an automated interface creates a true user-friendly experience by eliminating long lines and other inconveniences typically associated with current screening. Uzi was the designer of the machine, working with Ziv-Av eng. who were responsible for the internal mechanical design.

Client: Qylur Ltd.

Qylatron placed at Statue of Liberty site, NY.

When door is green user can open it and place a bag inside. The door then is locked, turns red, and bag goes via screening process. The user walk to other side of machine and waits for the door to turn green, then he can open the door and take out the bag. For openning the door the user should identify himself/herself with a barcode reader or a magnetic card reader, integrated within Qylatron interface.