Uzi Malimovka

Uzi Malimovka holds a Bc.S. degree in mechanical Eng. from Tel-Aviv University (graduated 1993), and MA degree in industrial design from the Royal College of Art, London (graduated 1997). Uzi established the office in 1997, shortly after graduating his studies in London. Along his freelance activities, Uzi has been teaching for many years at “Bezalel” academy of art and design, and other design institutes (H.I.T, Shenkar and Ascola).


Malimovka’s office offers product design & engineering services, developing products from various fields such as medical, communications, defense, cosmetics, sports, agriculture, toys and consumer items. Office clients range from start-up companies to research and development departments within multi-national corporations, manufacturers and independent entrepreneurs. Typical project involve developing conceptual designs, illustrating looks and engineering concepts, detailed designs of product parts, supervising prototypes production, testing, implementing, and guiding the process of moving into mass production while supervising and conducting a professional dialogue with all chosen manufacturers.

Malimovka’s diverse background, in both engineering and product design, results with creative solutions, quick reaction times, optimum choice of manufacturing technologies, and reduction development costs as well as production costs. Desired engineering and aesthetic are achieved along consideration of various factors such as ergonomics, safety, target markets, packaging and transportation. Malimovka also helps protecting his client’s intellectual property, where necessary, by defining new patent-able features and assisting in applying for patent applications, choosing a development strategy that best suits the clients all out goals.

Typical stages in the process of developing a new product